Energy Leadership

Do you ever wonder why some people have tons of energy and other people always seem to be dragging?  Certainly, some of it can be explained by health habits such as diet, exercise and sleep.  But, something larger is going on.

Some people really have a positive outlook and a can-do approach to life, while others appear to focus on the negative or things that are missing.  

During my Coach training with iPEC, I became certified on a tool called the Energy Leadership Index (ELI).  This is a great assessment that measure the energy that we bring everyday to life.  The assesment is scored on a cool chart call the Energetic Self Percepetion chart.  

If you are interested in finding out what type of energy you bring daily, then sign up for an ELI assessment.  I will give you the ELI assessment and a debriefing coaching session for $95 (a $220 value).

If you are interested sign up for a coaching session and put "ELI" in the comment box.

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