Going For It: 3 Things Successful Teens Do

The Courage to Go for It: 3 Things Successful Teens Do

“Life is not about perfection or avoiding mistakes, it is about going for it, even when we don’t, and especially when we don’t know the outcome. The most successful people in life have a mindset that is oriented towards growth and they understand that struggle is part of the game and that effort wins out in the long run.” – Patrick Donohue

In a clear, compelling multi-media presentation Patrick Donohue will break down how today’s teens can develop a growth mindset and a level of “grit” that will put them on the path to success.

Patrick E. Donohue             

  • Speaker on Grit and the Growth Mindset
  • 24 year high school teacher, coach, administrator
  • Over 1500 interventions with students/parents
  • Author Red Zone Fathering
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Expert on peak athletic performance

What others are saying about Patrick Donohue…

"Pat Donohue's passion, preparation and energy set him apart as a presenter. He projects confidence, demonstrates a deep knowledge base, and crafts a clear, memorable message. One of his greatest strengths is his use of humor to hook and connect with his audience, winning their trust, inviting them to engage, and then challenging them to action: to think, to speak, to believe. You won't find a more genuine, transparent, or engaging speaker who literally embodies the message, bringing it to life in a way that leaves everyone encouraged and empowered." –Heather Treadway, Founder Dream Chicago

“Patrick is an excellent, intuitive coach and presenter with individual or teams of people. He is insightful, circumspect, creative, and solution-minded.”  - Dr. Robert McBride, Principal, Neuqua Valley High School

"Pat is an excellent presenter. His workshops are content rich, highly interactive and fun! Using written materials, inspiring videos and real life stories, Pat connects with his participants right where they are and then gives them the encouragement and the practical tools they need to forge ahead in their dreams.” Michelle Kus, writer

“Pat Donohue is both a professional coach and a trusted advisor to many in the business, sports and educational worlds. Pat brings a very simple, insightful and trusting approach to personal coaching and public speaking. .” -Dan Mack, Founder Mack Elevation Forum

Contact: Patrick@donohuelifecoaching.com or (708)204-8390


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