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About Pat

A Coach Who Gets It

Pat brings the insight of a coach, the resources of a teacher, and the diligence of a true professional to your vision for your life. Not sure what your vision is? That’s okay. Pat will work with you to find it. 

For the past decade, Pat has worked with over 900 clients and earned a Top Pro status on Thumbtack. He applies the three major areas of Strategy/Tools, Accountability, and Encouragement to his coaching, all with a sense of warmth and humor. Just because moving forward with life is hard work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! 



A Better Life Starts Today





A Better Life Starts Today




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Let’s Talk 

Schedule a free 20-30 minute meeting to decide if coaching is right for you.


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Get Started

Start mapping the goals and dreams we’ll work on during our time together.


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One-on-One Coaching

Meet with your coach regularly to work through hurdles by learning and applying new tools and techniques.


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Live Better

Build on a sustainable foundation to continue growing and thriving in the life you’ve always wanted.

Ready for even more?

Use these additional accountability tools to reach your goals.

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