AlignMENt: Time to Sloooooow Down

By Patrick Donohue

December 22, 2012

AlignMENt:  Time to Sloooooow Down

Earlier this week, I went down to the University of Illinois to pick up my daughter Sarina from

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This guy knows something ...

 college.  We got caught in a pretty significant snow/wind storm and the return trip took about an hour longer than normal.  Today, I went shopping with Sarina and we got stuck waiting to enter the mall for about 15-20 minutes.

These are the types of situation that would normally frustrate me, but neither one did.  Both times Sarina joked, “At least we are together!!!”  Yes, we are together.  Is my relationship with my daughter really about picking her up/shopping or is it really more about hanging out and enjoying each other.  In both instances, we chose to crank music, send out crazy texts (not from the driver!) and just talk to one another.  We had a great time.

We always talk about the hurry and the hassle of the holiday season and how we need to slow down.  So, let’s slow down and enjoy simple things like being stuck in traffic with your daughter.

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I loved this article because this reminds us that we need to slow down our selves to embrace the safe which we neglect in hurry and haste.
Miller at 2:18am EDT - August 17, 2019
When you are with your beloved ones, man find courage to face such kind of irritating and intimidating situations. I have gone through the but my friend was there to help and assist me. We faced this situation with great patience.
Henry at 5:02am EDT - August 29, 2019

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