AlignMENt: Most people are not bad, they are afraid

By Patrick Donohue

March 31, 2013

AlignMENt:  Most people are not bad, they are afraid

I have been listening to an mp3 called the Million Dollar mind, which has been helpful in developing


 a more positive mindset.  One of my favorite phrases used in the series is “Most people are not bad, they are just afraid.”  Boy, this phrase has come in handy when I have encountered less than desirable behavior from other people. Bad behavior from other people comes in many forms such as:  verbally attacking someone in a meeting, cutting someone off in traffic, a scolding from an anxious parent or forgetting to acknowledge the work of others.

Most of the time people do not do these things maliciously, they do them because they are afraid of something.  Afraid of being bullied or not taken seriously.    Afraid of being late.  Afraid for the safety for others.  Afraid for their own job.

In the last few months, when I have encountered bad behavior and had the presence of mind to silently whisper to myself, “Most people are not bad, they are just afraid.”, I have noticed that my level of patience and understanding has gone up dramatically.   Whether it has been dealing with a difficult situation at work or on the homefront this simple phrase has paid huge dividends. 

How would our relationships with our spouses and our children be changed if we really lived by the phrase, “Most people are not, they are just afraid?”

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