AlignMENt: Flipping the Father Day's Script

By Patrick Donohue

June 16, 2013

AlignMENt:  Flipping the Father Day's Script

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  Father’s Day can be great:  a few gifts, maybe a barbeque and time for a special hobby.  But, Father’s Day can also be tough.  It can be a day to remember a difficult or nonexistent relationship with your own dad.  It can be a day to reflect on your own shortcomings as a father.  I have always felt that Father’s Day (unlike Mother’s Day) has always had a certain “let’s get it into gear fathers” feel to it.  Maybe that is my own junk coming up, but Father’s Day has always felt like part celebration and part exhortation of fathers.

Dads, I say we flip the script.  Let’s use Father’s Day to reflect on the strengths we bring as fathers and how we want to provide even more leadership in this next year.  Here are some good questions for reflection:

  • What is one key message you would like to impart to your kids in the next year?
  • What is one relationship you would really like to strengthen this year?
  • What are you going to do to grow and learn this year?

So, Happy Father’s Day and here is to a year of growth and impact.

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