AlignMENt: Helping someone who is depressed

By Patrick Donohue

January 6, 2014

AlignMENt:  Helping someone who is depressed

Happy New Year!

I came across this blog post on helping people (especially men) with depression and thought it was helpful. Twenty-one years ago, I started dealing with the depression in my life and it has made all the difference in the world.  There is no magical bullet cure, but lives can change dramatically through a combination of counseling, coaching, encouragement, listening and medication.  This post focuses on what loved ones can do to help a depressed person move forward.  Enjoy.

Click Here to read the post from the Good Man Project

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Helping for who depressed and listening the medications always, follow the great thoughts and useful topics with us. The depressed person encouragement and improving the quality dealing techniques.
nivaline at 1:33pm EST - January 4, 2019
Very nice topic. Everyone should help someone who is my assignment
Martin at 5:46pm EDT - May 31, 2019
mike at 5:47pm EDT - May 31, 2019
bing at 5:49pm EDT - May 31, 2019

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