AlignMENt - Teachable Moments from Richard Sherman

By Patrick Donohue

January 20, 2014

AlignMENt - Teachable Moments from Richard Sherman

Watching the end of the Seahawks-49ers game yesterday was thrilling and instructive for fathers. "All-pro, Stanford graduate Richard Sherman" as he likes to be called made a tremendous play to save the game for the Seahawks. Sherman then proceeded to taunt 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree and then rant about him in a nationally televised post-game interview. Sherman is a great player whose has overcome a lot with his upbringing in Compton, CA. I would not pretend to understand the obstacles he has faced in life, but I do know that puffing ourselves up at the expense of others is not the way to handle yourself. After the game, Sherman berated Seahawk fans who jeered injured 49er Navarro Bowman by throwing popcorn at him. Taunting an injured player, not a good thing to do, kinda like taunting/ranting about a player you have just beaten in a hard fought game. Richard Sherman, I expect more from an All-Pro Stanford graduate.

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The teachable moments from Richard Stanford graduate and generating the essential programs always. The proceeded rushmyesssay interview and finding expensive jeered injured popcorn Standford graduate.
arronse at 3:23am EDT - April 17, 2019
That was such a tense game! I remember it like it was today. I wish nowadays competition was a good as it was in 2014.
Dylan at 11:48am EST - February 24, 2020
Fanstastic game but I agree, I was expecting more from Stanford as well.
Jerry at 11:50am EST - February 24, 2020
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