Launch Time: I Feel Trapped

By Patrick Donohue

October 16, 2018

Launch Time:  I Feel Trapped

Have you ever just shouted, "I feel trapped!!!  There is no way out!"  I bet most of us have uttered these words in moments of desperation.  On one hand it feels good to vent, but reinforcing the stuckness is dangerous.  Many of have felt stuck in toxic relationships, mountains of debt, a dead-end career or in a bad family system.  Here's the bad news, that negative system will most likely not change quickly.  The system did not get negative overnight and it will most likely not change overnight.

Now, here's the good news:  You do not have to let the system define you.  This is not easy or for the faint of heart, but it is possible.  Even in the most negative circumstances, we can ask two simple questions:  How do I want to show up? What are my options?

When we ask these simple questions, we take back locus of control in our lives.  We are not our circumstances!  We are our values, beliefs and actions.  Once I realize I have options (even difficult ones), there is an anabolic energy created that lifts our mood and outlook.  A toxic bullying relationship does not make me a bad person, it just means I have to decide how to stand up and what help I need.  A crushing financial debt does not mean life is over, it means I need to set a plan to chip away at it and not have it take over my life.  A negative work environment is difficult, but it is not the final say in our happiness.  We can confront the situation, move to a different job or choose to care less about the negativity.

I realize the stuff  I am saying is not easy, but it is easier than spending a life being stuck.  Think about what is important to you, how you really want to show up in life and then start taking small steps towards it.  You will feel the joy of living an aligned and authentic life.

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