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One Minute Coach: Habit #2 Monitor Your Progress

By Patrick Donohue   |  September 6, 2017
Once we set a goal it is critical that we have ways to keep us accountable. We can monitor our progress through apps, spreadsheets, check-in and a variety of other methods.

Launch Time: When You Hit a Bump Part II: Anger

By Patrick Donohue   |  April 6, 2016
Anger can provide short term gains, but it is a poor long-term counselor.

Launch Time: When You Hit a Bump Part I: Denial

By Patrick Donohue   |  March 27, 2016
The path to success is rarely a rocket ship straight up. It normally involves ups and downs along the way. The ups and downs are what we call bumps. How we consistently respond to bumps will determine our long-term success.

Creating Gritty Kids

By Patrick Donohue   |  November 17, 2013
Creating Gritty Kids
We are want our children to be able to persevere and persist towards larger goals. In the research by Angela Duckworth this is known as "grit". Read this interesting article to learn how to develop grit in your children.

AlignMENt: Are you raising gritty kids?

By Patrick Donohue   |  June 8, 2013
AlignMENt:  Are you raising gritty kids?
Grit is the single best predictor of a person's future success.

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