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Launch Time: 4 Responses to Disappointment

By Patrick Donohue   |  November 13, 2018
Launch Time:  4 Responses to Disappointment
There are 4 possible responses to disappointment and only one of them is healthy. What is your achilles heel?

Living in the Shadows: 3 Keys to Forming Your Own Identity when you have an Ultra Successful Parent

By Patrick Donohue   |  March 9, 2018
The children of highly successful parents can easily be labelled as disappointments or underachievers. As highly successful parents, we need to ask the right questions and create an environment for success for our kids.

Launch Time: When You Hit a Bump Part II: Anger

By Patrick Donohue   |  April 6, 2016
Anger can provide short term gains, but it is a poor long-term counselor.

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