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Launch Time: Your going to do this for the rest of your life?

By Patrick Donohue   |  September 10, 2018
Launch Time:  Your going to do this for the rest of your life?
A lot of the coaching I do comes down to people wanting to build positive habits or eliminate negative habits. Everyone understands that positive habits are great, but they also seem elusive. We get started and we are excited and then we blow it 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months into the process.  Now that we have blown it, might as well just chuck the whole thing and have 3 pieces of chocolate cake?  Am I wrong here?  

One Minute Coach: Motivation (extended version)

By Patrick Donohue   |  January 24, 2018
One Minute Coach: Motivation (extended version)
Motivation has 3 parts: Choice, Mastery and Meaning. Whether you are trying to motivate yourself or your team, it is key to understand these 3 elements.

One Minute Coach: Habit #2 Monitor Your Progress

By Patrick Donohue   |  September 6, 2017
Once we set a goal it is critical that we have ways to keep us accountable. We can monitor our progress through apps, spreadsheets, check-in and a variety of other methods.

One Minute Coach: Habit #1 - Set a Goal

By Patrick Donohue   |  August 11, 2017
Setting a Goal is step #1 to developing SMART Habits. Goals must be easily measurable and observable. In other words, there should be no question whether you did them or not.

One Minute Coach: 90 vs 100

By Patrick Donohue   |  November 6, 2016
For perfectionists, the key question to ask, "Is this a 90% thing or 100% thing?"

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