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One Minute Coach: Growth vs Perfection

By Patrick Donohue   |  May 27, 2020
One Minute Coach:  Growth vs Perfection
Successful people focus on growth while less successful people get fixated on perfection.

Launch Time: My 24 month journey as a runner

By Patrick Donohue   |  July 28, 2018
Launch Time:  My 24 month journey as a runner
I have never thought of myself as a runner. An athlete yes, I played three sports in high school and played college baseball. A runner? No, running was the thing you did at the end of practice that you dreaded. In the last 24 months, I have developed the habit of running 100 miles a month.

Stop Playing Pinball: 3 Questions to Build Self Awareness and Live Proactively

By Patrick Donohue   |  April 15, 2018
Slowing down to ask 3 key questions will reduce our stress and increase our effectiveness in life.

Launch Time: When You Hit a Bump Part III: Avoid

By Patrick Donohue   |  January 23, 2018
Launch Time:  When You Hit a Bump Part III: Avoid
Avoidance is a short-term fix that causes long-term damage.  When we face the thing we are avoiding, we will create positive energy and most likely get a ton of things done.

One Minute Coach: Habit #1 - Set a Goal

By Patrick Donohue   |  August 11, 2017
Setting a Goal is step #1 to developing SMART Habits. Goals must be easily measurable and observable. In other words, there should be no question whether you did them or not.

One Minute Coach: 90 vs 100

By Patrick Donohue   |  November 6, 2016
For perfectionists, the key question to ask, "Is this a 90% thing or 100% thing?"

Launch Time: Blasting Past Limiting Beliefs

By Patrick Donohue   |  February 10, 2016
Limiting beliefs act as a "low bridge" for our lives and cut us off from opportunities even before we have had a chance to explore them.

Launch Time: One Step Forward

By Patrick Donohue   |  February 9, 2016
Launch Time:  One Step Forward
Taking one small step forward can help us get unstuck and fully launch.

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