Introduction to Coaching for Professional Athletes

Athletes & Transition

 The challenge for Professional Athletes to successfully transition to the next phase of their lives is great. When you have been completely focused on one thing for a long time, shifting gears is often not easy.  I work with athletes in a 3 Step Process, where we Let Go, Learn and Launch.

Athletes & Grief

Grief is a real thing that all high level athletes must face when their career comes to an end.  When grief in handled well, the athlete is able to transition and move forward. When grief in unexpressed or handled poorly, it tends to sabotage an athlete for the long-term.

Top Articles & Videos for Athletes to Know

 Life Transitions & Opportunity

One Minute Coach:  Opportunity

One Minute Coach:  Circumstances vs Identity

15 Life Tips from People over 40

One Step Forward

One Minute Coach:  Motivation (extended version)


Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

10 Things Mentally Tough People Always do

When You Hit a Bump Part 1:  Denial

When You Hit a Bump Part 2:  Anger

When You Hit a Bump Part 3: Avoid

Blasting Past Limiting Beliefs


 Creating Positive Habits

5 Keys to Creating New Habits

Remove these 7 Toxic Habits if You want to Succeed  

5 Habits that let Emotionally Intelligent People Adapt to Anything

25 mini habits for Anxiety


Planning and Getting Things Done

One MInute Coach:  The Next Step

One Minute Coach:  Have a Plan Stan

One Minute Coach:  90 vs 100

David Allen author of Getting Things Done (GTD)












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