"Pat is insightful, circumspect, creative, and solution-minded. His advice and consultations have directly benefited me on a daily basis. His suggestions are realistic and results-oriented. They stick, sustain, and work."

- Bob McBride, Principal
Nequa Valley High School
"Pat Donohue and coaching are the perfect fit. Pat possesses the crucial skills of a coach: a good sounding board, excellent listener, encouraging, natural people skills, and a rapport that both motivates and inspires."

- Brendan Gaughan, Department Chair
Maine South High School
"“Pat honed in on aspects of my life that I was unaware of. He skillfully selected reading material that fit me perfectly, and gave me positive input at the coaching sessions. Results: a significant paradigm shift, thanks to Pat.” "

- Diane Lohmann, Office Worker
"Through leadership coaching I learned how to maximize my efficiency and systematize the organizations that I lead. Pat was able to walk me through the natural stages that new organizations go through to help me make the best possible leadership decision…Through coaching I learned that leadership is about influence and that to be a person of influence one needs integrity and vision."

- Kevin Erday, Teacher
Glenbard North
"Pat Donohue was instrumental in my professional growth as an administrator. Giving insight into team leadership, organization, prioritizing, personal and professional balancing, Mr. Donohue provided me with sound advice and a foundation for effective leadership. With his help, many of these obstacles were overcome or averted all together. His efforts this year were truly beneficial to both Glenbard 87 and to me as an educational professional."

- Omar Davis, Assistant Principal
Glenbard East High School
"When Pat gave me the opportunity to sign on to a series of biweekly leadership coaching sessions, I eagerly took the opportunity to learn more about negotiating my leadership role from someone who had several years of leadership experience in the district. What I received from these coaching sessions turned out to be much more than that; Pat’s sessions filled the void that remained after the practical mentoring and advice I had received from my teammates, by addressing the big issues everyone identifies as crucial, but too often fail to formally address: work / life balance, deep personal reflection an holistic goal setting, and eliminating the dissonance between personal development and professional success."

- Jeff Feucht, Assistant Principal
Glenbard West High School
"Working with Pat has given me the clarity I have needed for a long time. Having someone there to help me clarify my thoughts, focus on my vision and identify my roadblocks has been invaluable and deeply rewarding. I highly recommend him to you! "

- Rachel Carroll, Pastor
"Patrick possesses a compassionate, welcoming and optimistic coaching style. His insightful questioning helps clients uncover core blocks and obstacles. Patrick articulately identifies broader perspectives on those blocks and helps clients identify the necessary steps to overcome obstacles."

- Barb Heenan, Mentor Coach
"Pat has a deep love for the human spirit and can quickly align himself and his coaching skills to a wide variety of people searching for those elusive answers, goals and performance levels in their personal and professional lives."

- Janice Bastani, Mentor Coach
""Coach Pat is one of the best communicators I have ever met. Coach Pat is one of the best listeners I have ever met."

- Paul Adelsman, Youth Worker
""Pat Donohue's passion, preparation and energy set him apart as a presenter. He projects confidence, demonstrates a deep knowledge base, and crafts a clear, memorable message. He doesn't hide behind facts; but rather uses stories and multi-media visuals and audio to compliment his message. One of his greatest strengths is his use of humor to hook and connect with his audience, winning their trust, inviting them to engage, and then challenging them to action: to think, to speak, to believe. You won't find a more genuine, transparent, or engaging speaker who literally embodies the message, bringing it to life in a way that leaves everyone encouraged and empowered."

- Heather Treadway, Founder
Dream Chicago Inc.
Chicago, IL
""Pat Donohue is quite simply a highly effective coach. Working with him has facilitated a significant internal shift. As a result of our sessions I moved from being a slave to my emotions to proactively examining and managing them and leaving me feeling more centered, grounded and in control of my life.""

- Erin Kircher, Youth Worker
"Before Pat, my son was under performing at school and pretty checked out of his own life. Nothing 'bad' just disengaged. After seeing Pat each week he is now on the honor roll, working and really content. Pat has been his chief encourager and motivator allowing him to see the benefits of moving forward in life, growing one step at a time. Every parent should have Pat by their side, it beats getting frustrated and nagging all the time. "

- Rachel Carroll, Parent
""Pat is an excellent presenter. His workshops are content rich, highly interactive and fun! Using written materials, inspiring videos and real life stories, Pat connects with his participants right where they are and then gives them the encouragement and the practical tools they need to forge ahead in their dreams. Pat's down-to-earth, a style combined with his humor and father's heart, makes his clients feel as though they have a true friend in their corner, nudging them along toward greatness!""

- Michele Kus, Writer
""Pat Donohue is truly gifted at life coaching. He has a unique way of combining a deep understanding of where you come from with the ability to continually move you forward towards your goals and destiny. He sets real practical goals and you will always leave feeling encouraged, empowered and a better version of yourself." "

- Carrie Leman, Mother of 5

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